Our only goal at Royal Class Service is make sure that the most important parts of your home are in the best shape possible. The plumbing, heating, and cooling systems of your Newburgh home are some of the most critical aspects of the comfort you and your family receive from your home.

So our Newburgh plumbers and heating & air contractors will do everything we can to make sure you get the best and most professional service available when you need repairs on these systems. We’ve been serving the area for more than 13 years. In that time, we’ve developed a reputation as the most reliable and professional Mid-Hudson Valley plumbers and heating & air contractors.

We’ll always provide you with upfront pricing before we begin any of our work, so you’ll know the cost of the job beforehand. And since our Newburgh plumbing and HVAC contractors are all licensed, certified, and extensively trained and experienced, we can guarantee your satisfaction with all of our work. If you have any questions about our services or would like to schedule an appointment, give us a call today.

Newburgh Plumbing Services

Having a perfectly functioning plumbing system in your home is a necessity. So when you hire one of our Newburgh plumbing repair specialists, we make it a priority to get your plumbing into the best condition possible. The plumbing system in your home is most likely complex and difficult to work with. And depending on how old your home is, it can be difficult to make much sense of it. But our Newburgh plumbers can be sure that it’s repaired accurately, so you won’t see the same problems cropping up again in the near future.

Plumbing problems can be difficult to diagnose. It’s not uncommon for less experienced plumbers to only treat the most apparent problems and leave the root causes alone. So the real problems continue to worsen over time, and eventually you need expensive, in-depth repairs. Our Newburgh plumbers can guarantee you’ll receive thorough and accurate repairs.

Newburgh Heating Repairs

Going without heat for a night or two isn’t an option when the temperature starts to drop, due to our harsh winters. Being without heat isn’t just an inconvenience or a discomfort. Often, it’s a matter of safety for you and your family. When you have a problem with the heating in your home, our heating repair specialists will respond as quickly possible to your request for service. We know how important your heating is to your household, and we’ll never leave you waiting long. We can repair any type of heating unit at all, including furnaces, central heat, boilers, and heat pumps.

Newburgh Air Conditioning Repair

When the summer months move in and bring with them temperatures in the upper 90s, your air conditioner becomes just as important as your heater was in the winter. So we’ll respond to all requests for AC service as quickly as possible. We can also perform inspection or tune-ups on your AC to make sure it’s as efficient as possible and problem-free before the heat moves in. We also offer emergency air conditioning repair, so no matter when a problem occurs, we can help immediately.

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