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About the Program

Our Total Comfort Club is an annual preventative maintenance membership exclusively from Royal Class Service. It includes tune-ups and professional cleanings for your heating, AC, and plumbing equipment, as well as special pricing, discounts, and V.I.P. service all year long.

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Total Comfort Club Member Benefits

Your annual membership in our Total Comfort Club earns you the royal treatment! Below you’ll find a complete list of all the amazing benefits and services included with the Total Comfort Club, only from Royal Class Service.

This is a service in which our service experts will check your heating system, clean it properly, and give you any recommendations or necessary information regarding the status of your equipment. This not only keeps your equipment up to warranty standards, which require annual services, but it also prolongs the life of your equipment and ensures it is running at peak performance levels to save you money on your energy bills.

Some of the things done during this service include:

  • Clean and inspect heat exchanger
  • Clean and inspect the hot surface igniter and flame sensor rod
  • Check the flue for leaks
  • Check the high and low voltage
  • Inspect all electrical components
  • Check the operation of the thermostat
  • Check the gas pressure in inches-of-water column measurement
  • Perform a combustion analysis

This is a procedure in which an EPA-certified service professional will come and clean your home’s central air system. Again, this keeps the equipment within warranty requirements and protects your equipment, which in turn extends its life expectancy and its overall effectiveness.

Some of the things done during the tune-up/cleaning are:

  • Check condenser coil and evaporator coil
  • Check blower motor and refrigerant charge
  • Lubricate motor, bearings, and fans
  • Check the air flow
  • Check humidifier/dehumidifier
  • Start and test operation and cycle of unit
  • Check and label all emergency shutoffs
  • Check proper amperage and voltage of AC system
  • Check thermostat, capacitors, condensate drain, and all ductwork
  • Change air filter – we even have a link on our website where our members can order filters all year long and have them delivered and installed

This is a service in which our service expert will come and do a complete plumbing inspection and an in home water hardness, ph and TDS analysis.

Some of the things done during this service include:

  • Check water pressure, main water meter, and all outside spigots
  • Provide Total-C treatment to all drains and toilets
  • Check garbage disposal for proper operation (if needed)
  • Check washing machine hoses and garbage disposals for proper operation
  • Check all faucets for leaks and check all drains for proper flow
  • Dye-test the toilet to check for leaks and ensure proper usage
  • Check emergency shutoff valve, label all shutoff locations, and check all under sink traps and shutoffs
  • Test your water for pH, chlorine, iron and TDS – we perform an in-house water test and can give you the results on-the-spot, plus tell you the effects and possible solutions, if any issues are found

We will gladly assess and provide upfront written equipment replacement or installation estimates within our service area at no charge.

Whether you’re calling with an emergency or for routine service, you will receive the earliest available appointment, ahead of a non-member.

This is good on all parts and services all year long. When applicable you will see your member discount savings on the bottom of our invoices we give you. Certain tasks will not allow discounts, such as after-hours trip diagnostic fees, troubleshooting, or warranty repairs, but very few items are ineligible.

These coupons never expire for an active member and can be added value to save you additional money on work orders. They range from $49 off a service call to $395 off a new bathroom remodel and are a great added value.

You can call us anytime, any day, and the customer service representative or our live-answer after-hours call center will be there to assist you via the telephone. If you are in need of emergency service, up until 10pm we will make all the needed arrangements to assist you.

Instead of the regular after-hours rate of $310, our members only pay a $148 consultation fee for non holiday after-hours service. Although it doesn’t matter if it is a holiday, the weekend, or even after normal service hours on a weeknight, our service experts and on-call Customer Service Representative will be there to help you through it up until 10pm, after that our phones are answered 24/7/365 so you will be able to make us aware of your needs.

During regular business hours we charge a standard $148 five step consultation fee to non-members to have our service expert come out and review your situation. For our members, we waive this fee completely with repairs made and reduce it to only $89 for trips that result in no repairs during standard operating hours.

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