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Plumbing Questions About Your Irrigation System

After so many years in the Plumbing industry, we come across a lot of questions about sprinkler and irrigation systems. If you’re considering having one installed, you may have questions or want to know a few things, so our expert Hudson Valley Plumber is offering you a little advice through some common questions and answers.

When it comes to your home’s plumbing system, your irrigation system is part of the fresh water delivery system that distributes fresh water where you need it inside and outside your home. All plumbing pipes and fixtures are a part of this system including your sprinklers and other irrigation equipment.

First of all, Royal Class Service Plumbing Pros would like you to know that your sprinkler system needs attention from time to time. It should be checked for problems, adjusted where needed, repaired where broken, and generally maintained. This is the wisest thing a homeowner can do to keep repair costs down and keep the system in great shape. It also helps to ask for a winterization service to keep your system protected from freezing weather, which should be done prior to cold seasons.

Q: Are there advantages to having a Plumbing Professional install a sprinkler system vs. watering by hand when I have a small yard?

A: Yes! With a sprinkler system, you have far more control over what areas are watered, how often, and how much. Standing around to water or dragging a hose sprinkler around the yard is terribly inefficient, time consuming, and will likely wind up causing you to waste water.

Q: Does a sprinkler system really save me that much time?

A: Absolutely! You never have to lay a hand on a water hose when you have a proper sprinkler system, and the only thing you should have to worry about is setting all the automation settings.

Q: What do I do after my Plumbing Professional installs my sprinklers and other irrigation parts, will I have to read a manual or will I be able to figure the system out?

A: Most sprinkler systems are very easy to operate. When we install yours, we’ll set up exactly how it needs to be set up to take care of your landscape right. Plus, we’ll be glad to show you how to operate it, and any time you need help we’re only a phone call away!

Q: What are the parts of the system, and what is it comprised of?

A: In general, it’s a pretty simple setup. You have the controller which allows you to control all the settings, the valves that open and close to allow water through or keep it off, and the sprinklers that deliver the water where and how needed.

Any time you need help with your sprinkler, just give us a call. We can make full repairs, replacements, or new installations!

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